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Eagle Ford Shale Maps

New maps of drilling activity in the Eagle Ford Shale are published every few months by the Texas Railroad Commission, the agency which regulates oil and gas drilling in the state. The map below is from their site. The annotations on it are ours, and show how companies divide the play into two zones, the East and West. (The Eastern Eagle Ford Shale runs from approximately from Karnes county, eastward.

Below is a map from the EIA. It shows the depth to the top of the shale, as well as locations north of the drilling area where it outcrops or appears on the surface. The upper edge of the play is referred to as the "heavy oil" or "black oil" window, while the central zone is known as the "volatile oil" and "oil and condensate window". The dry gas window appears on the map below as the pink area toward the bottom.


An Eagle Ford Shale isopach map showing thickness. Source: University of Texas.

 Eagle Ford Shale Thickness Map (Lower zone of shale.)

Eagle Ford Shale thickness map

Upper (regressive) Eagle Ford Shale Thickness Map

thickness map Eagle Ford Shale

(From Texas Bureau Of Economic Geology, University Of Texas)

Below is an Eagle Ford shale map showing the depth of the top of the formation.

Map of EOG Resources Eagle Ford shale acreage (yellow blocks.)

Map of Chesapeake Energy acreage in South Texas. Source: Chesapeake Energy.

Below, Eagle Ford Isopach map: Source: Petrohawk Energy. Shows key Petrohawk Energy Areas.  (Petrohawk was acquired by BHP Billiton.)


Map of Black Oil, Volatile Oil, Condensate and Dry Gas Windows: Source Marathon,


Geological column showing stratigraphy of oil and gas bearing formations in Eagle Ford Shale and relative location of Pearsall Shale. The Pearsall shale is also prospective for hydrocarbons, and several operators are testing the formation with wildcat wells.

  Stratigraphic column Pearsall Shale South Texas

Geologists expect that the Pearsall Shale will feature a dry gas zone, wet gas zone, and possibly an oil phase in the upper middle section.

Depth of the Pearsall Shale Formation is approximately 2,000' below the Eagle Ford Shale..

Pearsall isopach map

Pearsall Shale Map. (isopach) from Loucks, 2002.

More maps of the Eagle Ford Shale play will be added as they become available.


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